Partnership with CALVIN KLEIN, Inc.

Red Hook Labs is pleased to present the next chapter in an ongoing partnership with CALVIN KLEIN, Inc.

Throughout 2017, a rotating group of CALVIN KLEIN associates have volunteered their time serving as panelists, lecturers and mentors to the students of the Youth Career Program, an advanced, select group from Labs Youth Community Programs. From the briefing process, to concepting and ultimately producing a shoot, the initiative’s participants garnered an invaluable, first-hand understanding of the creative industry, culminating in the realization of each student’s final project.

Among their final projects is the featured video, a collaborative effort between one group of students enrolled in the Youth Career Program, under the mentorship of CALVIN KLEIN associates and Labs Youth Career Program teachers Bashira Webb and Joseph Gilmore. The students artfully capture freestyle skateboarding around downtown New York City and Brooklyn using the evocative medium of Super 8 film. A celebration of youth, the video is a marriage of skateboarding and the sport’s place at the crossroads of art, fashion, and Pop culture. As the director of the video, Ivan, age 18, explains, “It’s art to us because everybody skates their own way and everyone paints their own way.”

In the short, students wear denim from CALVIN KLEIN JEANS customized with illustrations by their peer, Savion, also 18. Of his participation in Red Hook Labs, Savion says, “This place is super special. I could have gone a whole different route if I didn’t join Red Hook Labs. I think we’re here because people saw potential in us. From a young age we’ve always been chasing something. When we first were creating art we didn’t know what it was, but being here has given us opportunities.”

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