Style Zine
at Red Hook Labs School

In Spring 2017, Red Hook Labs School is launching a 3-month-long weekly Style Zine class for Summit Academy teens. In this class, students (grades 9-12) will gain basic hands-on experience in fashion photography and styling, and improve their artistic, communication and public presentation skills.

The Style Zine program serves as an introduction to the photography and fashion industries. The classes will include field trips, lectures and real photo shoot experience at Red Hook Labs Studio. Students will get a chance to work with professional stylists and produce a series of editorials which they will then compile into a Zine. After the course, the students are expected to be able to think creatively and independently, build critical self-awareness, utilize their imagination, and gain basic practical and technical skills in fashion photography and styling. 

Interested participants that have successfully completed this class will be invited to accelerate their skills in our continued educational programs at Red Hook Labs School.

Attendance: 15 students

Teachers: Bashira Webb and Joseph Gilmore

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