Youth Filmmaking Program

Youth Filmmaking Program is an introductory course in video content creation and filmmaking for teens and young adults in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

The program introduces students to filmmaking fundamentals: brainstorming, writing, directing, casting and ultimately producing a short video. During this course, the students will gain hands on experience with camera, sound, and lighting equipment.

The program consists of several phases: 1)technical basics and equipment fundamentals, 2)storytelling/treatment, 3)production and 4)edit. Each class consists of lectures, demonstrations, hands-on assignments, and critiques. During this program, students will work in teams to write, shoot and produce their own short films. By the end of the program, each team will have at least one short film/video they have created during the program. 

Classes are taught by our seasoned teacher Joseph Gilmore. 

Student work, created during this program, will be featured in annual student exhibition at Red Hook Labs in May.

Dates: February – May, 2018

Admission: 10 students

We engage with brands and individuals to create internships, mentor relationships and job opportunities for students enrolled in our programs. If you are interested in getting involved, please contact us at or click here to learn how you can support our programs.