Youth Summer
Beauty Program

This Summer, we are proud to introduce Youth Summer Beauty Program that provides an introduction to the beauty industry through skills training in makeup art and skincare for teens and young adults in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

For Youth Summer Beauty Program, 15 teens and young adults were selected from local partnering schools and community centers in Red Hook. The program exposes the students to beauty industry at large (including styling, photography and hair) while also giving hands-on training in makeup art and health education at Labs School. The students are mentored by Labs staff and industry partners, including professional makeup artists and creatives who are working at the forefront of fashion today.

The curriculum not only provides skills training and career opportunities for local youth, but also teaches a health education class, where the students learn about health, wellness and spotting domestic violence.

Additionally, the training includes participating in creative photo shoots while collaborating with Youth Summer Fashion Photography class.

Guest teachers: Kristi Matamoros, Vicky Steckel.

Special thanks to MAC Cosmetics, Bioderma and Sunday Riley for providing the makeup and skincare supplies.