Cass Bird In Bed


Red Hook Labs is pleased to present In Bed a solo exhibition in New York City by photographer Cass Bird.

Cass Bird is renowned for the playful intimacy and head-spinning beauty of her work in film and photography. This show, which she has cheekily entitled In Bed, erases the line between her personal work–snapshots of her family’s life in Brooklyn–and the lens she turns on the fashion world through her work for publications such as American & French Vogue, Self-Service and The Wall Street Journal Magazine. This is a celebration of the world of Cass Bird, a world that is often semi-clothed, goofy, unwashed, a tangle of attitudes, emotions, silly poses, sideways glances.

For all the smiles and goofiness, there is never a saccharine moment. Bird has a direct and collaborative relationship with her subjects, so their joy is her joy, and both are reflected in the capture. For all the nudity and naughty gestures, there is never a sexual moment. Nudity and intimacy are uncoupled from sexualization in her work, which is both an intuitive and a deliberate choice. There is very little distance between Cass Bird and her subjects–hence the title, In Bed–but that closeness is about boundless sensuality not latent eroticism. It is a deft, delicate line to draw, and one which has come to define her as one of the most important photographers of her generation.

Sally Singer, Creative Digital Director at Vogue

Exhibition is open daily, 10-6 pm.

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In addition to Bird’s photographic work, the exhibition will offer merchandise including limited edition tee shirts and posters.

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