Soft Criminal


Red Hook Labs is pleased to present Soft Criminal, the first large- scale New York collaboration with South African photographer Kristin-Lee Moolman, Sierra-Leonean designer Ibrahim Kamara and British designer Gareth Wrighton, opening September 12th and closing September 23rd.

Combining a fantastical narrative of characters from the African diaspora inspired by personal histories as well as imagined storylines, Soft Criminal documents three rival crime families unableto coexist in a chaotic power struggle. A disgraced King faces execution as his centuries-old dynasty crumbles before his eyes. His humiliated queen watches as her lover-henchman is shamed in a public tar and feathering, but not before he has killed those responsible for the coup. The deposition is led by new money hacktivists and an anarchic war lord and his lawless disciples.

The collaboration gives birth to a fascinating and personal world of multiple characters expressing themselves through twenty-two handmade haute couture looks. At the September 12th opening these looks will be presented in a live fashion show alongside the collection of photographs taken by Moolman in South Africa capturing the identity of Soft Criminal.

These unique garments, hand made by local African artists and artisans, and the editioned prints will be on display throughout the run of the show at Red Hook Labs.

Opening reception: September 12, 7-10 pm

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On view September 12-23, 2018. Open daily, 10-6 pm

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