Featured Artist: Labs New Artists II Open Call

We’re pleased to announce the international Open Call for Labs New Artists II – a group summer show at Labs Gallery (June, 2018).


After last year’s highly successful exhibition, Labs New Artists is back for its second year. This show will include a group of photographers selected by a jury of industry leaders and professionals. This exhibition will provide unparalleled exposure for the artists with comprehensive industry attendance and media coverage. To give the artists selected for the Labs New Artists II exhibition continued support, we are happy to announce that each of our jurors has agreed to mentor an artist for the year following the show.

Red Hook Labs is dedicated to supporting this impressive group of artists, showing personal bodies of work that apply fresh techniques and aesthetics to the photographic medium. The exhibition explores contemporary cultural aesthetics, and presents provocative image making. Labs New Artists celebrates the achievements of this diverse ensemble of exceptional visionaries.

Who can apply? Photographers, unrepresented by galleries or agencies.

Application Deadline : May 1, 2018, 11:59 p.m. EST

Applicants are allowed to upload up to 20 images

Application fee : $25

For application-related questions, please email info@redhooklabs.com.

Jurors include:
Azu Nwagbogu, Director, A.A.F. and Lagos Photo Festival Jennifer Pastore, Photography Director, WSJ Magazine; Fabien Baron, Founder and CCO, Baron & Baron, Editorial Director of Andy Warhol’s Interview Magazine; Camilla Lowther, Founder and Director, CLM; Raul Martinez, Corp. Creative Director, Condé Nast; Michael Famighetti, Editor, Aperture magazine; Doug Lloyd, Founder and CCO, LLoyd and Co; Becky Lewis, VP Senior Agent, Art + Commerce/IMG Worldwide; Ashleigh Kane, Arts & Culture Editor, Dazed; Alessia Glaviano, Senior Photo Editor, Vogue Italia and L’Uomo Vogue; Chiara Bardelli Nonino, Photo Editor, Vogue Italia; Chris McGuigan, Founder and Director, Mini Title Stephen Frailey, Chair of Photography Department, School of Visual Arts, Co-Chair, SVA MPS Fashion Photography Program; Siobhan Bohnacker, Senior Photo Editor, The New Yorker; Genevieve Fussell, Senior Photo Editor, The New Yorker; Jaime Perlman, Founder and Creative Director, Jaime Perlman; Studio Ltd Nick Bryning, Senior Agent, CLM US; Julie Anne Quay, Founder and CEO, V Files; Sara Hemming, Co-Founder and CCO of Nataal Elizabeth Renstrom, Senior Photo Editor, VICE; Stewart Searle, VP & Founder, Management & Production, Founding Partner, Great Bowery; Leslie Simitch, Executive Vice President, Trunk Archive Kim Sion, Creative Consultant; David Strettell, Founder and Director, Dashwood Books; Ferdinando Verderi, Creative Director and Partner, Johannes Leonardo; Jimmy Moffat, Founder, Red Hook Labs, Co-founder, Art+Commerce and Co-chair, SVA MPS Fashion Photography Program

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Quotes from last year’s (2017) magazine features about Labs New Artists show:

“There was a time when photographers would rarely been given a second glance without agency representation. But a new wave of talents aren’t waiting around for industry recognition, instead, they’ve put their time into capturing vital stories from around the globe. It’s these people that Red Hook Labs – a public benefit corporation which is dedicated to establishing creative communities and self-sustaining businesses in developing areas through education, events, and programming – was looking for when curating its just-opened show Labs New Artists.

Featuring 25 of the finest young and unrepresented photographers working today, Red Hook Labs (with the help of a jury) has crossed the globe and enlisted talent from Turkey to the USA, Georgia, Japan, France, Canada and the UK.”

Ashleigh Kane, dazeddigital.com, July 21, 2017

“Red Hook Labs has dedicated its cavernous South Brooklyn gallery space to titans of fashion portraiture (Jamie Hawkesworth, Willy Vanderperre) and local high school students. On Thursday, the gallery opens its most ambitious group show ever, Labs New Artists. The exhibition collects work by 25 emerging photographers, selected among the 450 artists who submitted to Red Hook Labs’s online open call.

A mosaic of aesthetics and approaches, the show features documentary (Aleksey Kondratyev’ssculptural series of Kazakh ice fishers), collage (Lucie Khahoutian’s found folktales), fashion editorial, and abstract portraiture.”

Emily Manning, i-D Magazine, July 20, 2017

“Red Hook Labs is a very special place: a hybrid between a photography studio, a gallery, a school and a production company.

Set in the Red Hook neighborhood in Brooklyn and founded by Jimmy Moffat, Red Hook Labs is a creative hub that is focused on nurturing and discovering new talents which acts as a catalyst for all things photography, bringing together different genres and different nationalities, as proven by some recent projects.

The Labs Gallery summer group show, opening on July 20, is aptly called Labs New Artists: it showcases a diverse, outstanding selection of artists unrepresented by a gallery or an agency scouted by an Open Call and evaluated by a jury of industry leaders.

Ranging from documentary, personal projects, art and fashion, the vibrant and provocative images included in the exhibition are an exploration of what is fresh and relevant in the photographic medium today as seen through the eyes of twenty-five emerging international photographers.”

Chiara Bardelli Nonino, Vogue.it, July 19, 2017

Artist Quotes (2017):

“Exhibiting my project Zero at the Bone at LNA 2017 allowed my work to be seen by a wide audience
from the general public to top industry critics and editors which opened the door to positive
feedback, collectors and new opportunities. Additionally, the community that LNA brings together
is second to none in the photo scene. LNA is a unique exhibition, with dedicated and knowledgeable
organizers, that has the potential to significantly change the course of your career.”
– Balarama Heller

“Participating in Labs New Artists brought me new unexpected (great) experiences. In one hand
it’s nice to have industry’s leaders looking at and appreciating your work, in another, to have the
opportunity to exhibit in Red Hook Labs gallery is like being a part of their strong organizational
– Vinna Laudico

“The LNA show is so great because you have the chance to see what’s being made “under the radar”
so to speak by other young people who aren’t represented by a gallery or agency but whose work is
gallery worthy! I think it’s so important to be aware of what we’re all doing Now and the LNA show is a
great way to measure it. Red Hook Labs is fundamentally one of the most encouraging platforms for
any young person pursuing a life in the arts. “
– Rosa Polin

“My participation in LNA last year was very rewarding. I had an opportunity to showcase some of
my work with a much greater world community. Additionally I got to share stage with many other
amazing artists I otherwise would not have been introduced to. Red Hook Labs are very considerate
and passionate about the creative arts and is a perfect platform for new artist.”
– Justin French