Featured Artist: Tyler Mitchell at Foam Amsterdam

We are excited to announce that Labs Artist Tyler Mitchell  will have his first solo exhibition at Foam Amsterdam this spring. The exhibition, called I Can Make You Feel Good, will open on April 18 and will feature a selection of images from the artist’s personal and commissioned work as well as two of Mitchell’s video works: Idyllic Space and Chasing Pink, Found Red.

Tyler Mitchell (1995, US), who has been featured in Labs New Artists II, an annual summer group show at Red Hook Labs, was commissioned by Labs New Artists II jury member Raul Martinez to photograph Beyonce for the September 2018 cover of American Vogue. Tyler is the first African American photographer to receive this commission, and the youngest. He has since signed with Art Partner and is a regular contributor to Vogue, Another, Document Journal, iD, and others.

Exhibition Address:

Keizersgracht 609,

1017 DS Amsterdam,

The Netherlands


Website : tylermitchell.co
Instagram : @tylersphotos