High School Programs:
RHL21 Photography and Identity
RHL22 Video and Identity with Claire Christensen


Red Hook Lab’s inaugural high school program will emphasize the use of photography and video for teens to articulate their developing identity and those of their peers. Students will choose from either photography or video technique and the ten days of workshop will provide a technical and conceptual foundation, encouraging a further involvement with the many aspects of photography or video. Each student will develop their portfolio or reel, suitable for college admission. At the end of the program, an exhibition will be held with student work.

Each workshop is open for 16 local students entering 11th and 12th grade or transitioning from Senior year to College in September.  An exhibition will be held of the student’s work on July 20.

RHL21  High School Program: Photography and Identity.

RHL22 High School Program: Video and Identity with Claire Christensen.

The programs will take place from 8-19 July 2019 and the fee is $1500 for ten days of activity and programming, demonstrations, conversations, lectures, studio and equipment usage.  16 participants will be accepted by application.

Apply: To apply, please email: school@redhooklabs.com.

Please indicate the name and the number of the class in your e-mail.